by The AutumnAfter

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released May 23, 2017



all rights reserved


The AutumnAfter Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Altitude
Writing my dreams, staying up nights
When will we, how do we, contact the sky?
What do they want, who could I be?
All alone in the world, send me out in the night

Solar inserts in my skin
I'm aware of my nerves but my mind's somewhere out there
You don't know, you don't know you're not alone
The sun doesn't burn for you
Hiding away where the seasons all fade
And grey skies light the night and the day
Give me a reason to open my mind to you
You won't have to intrude


This anatomy I'm bound to bores me
Channel your intellect, direct it toward me
Done with pretension, this false dimension
You don't have to see them to listen


Coming face to face with altitude
Our starving eyes are all on you
In the moment that you spoke my name
I cared not that they thought I'm insane


Take me home
Track Name: Voices
When all we have is our disease
We make love and make it up as we go
The spark dividing me and you is on the inside
It's burning up and it shows

And it's obvious that I can't hear what you're hearing when you're around
The voices are stuck in your head
I sing to you but can't drown them out
And these walls you've built to cage me in
Is a place where I can't erase my faults
Forcing me to crawl on my knees again

It starts with an innocence captivating enough to draw you in
Pretty lies and undercover fights
Where bodies and voices travel for a night
I know you hear them loud and clear
But my conscience is telling me to fear you and all that you do
Influenced by your innermost fight


Do si do-ing in hierarchical societies
Built upon faces focused on propriety
Lending your mind to their doses of suffering
I fought them for hours, they never give in

Track Name: Faces
I caught fire when I looked at you
Now when you look at me, yeah can you feel it too
I see right through
No motivation to see my point of view
Why sit with my eyes shut, defend myself to you
There is no use

Tell me, are you sorry?
I can't tell with all of your many faces

Excuse my tone and posture before you
I didn't realize who I was in the presence of
Your words keep building on top of your sin
You're nothing but a shell
Yeah I can see it now


What's more is that I buy them all from you
All of your pretty faces
Collection that I can't sell back for anything to anyone
They've seen them all before
Pretentious lies and wits will only get you so far
Underneath the glamorous is what you've got to offer
Of all the sides I've seen, the faces seem to remain the same
And you lie buried deep beneath
Track Name: My Conviction
Sold your soul to the persuasion
Honesty is honestly overrated
Lead the road to your compulsion
Gathered followers already moving dead

Drown the thought, matters not what you say
I wanna see you fight fair when you play
Asking for trouble is what you do best

Hiding out in the destruction
Disguised as sanctuary
Defending with no real chance
Only a man can fairly fight a man

Drown the thought, matters not what you say
I wanna see you fight fair when you play
Asking for trouble is what you do best
Forcing eyes open and beyond
Face it for what it is, a con act
I don't want to be left behind but
I'd rather walk alone than walk along with the blind


They asked me if I could uncover their hands
If I'd be brave for them
If they could scrape away the skin, redeem themselves
Would that be enough for them?

Track Name: My Crutch
There's a start and an end to everything
Skipping a chapter is what I was looking for
Mask the uncertainty of myself
Never closer to the end, I promise

Pre chorus:
And I'm finding out I'm a coward and I've always been one
Oh I can't take it, I don't know why
You make me feel like

The ground is shaking, throwing me up for more
The sea is pulling me, pulling me from the shore
And I can't stand anymore than you can

And I'm sorry it has to be this way
It just happens to be a habit I don't want to break
There's a fault and a reason for everything
Looking alone for what I was missing
False accusations of my intentions
I'm leaving out today to find myself again

Pre chorus

Reaching out for something I thought that I was without
I'm breaking my back to reveal the seams that held my fears in
I won't sew them up again